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Questa prossime righe sono dedicate ai giudizi anonimi assegnatoci da alcuni clienti nostri ospiti e ai complimenti con nome ricevuti da chi è stato nostro ospite.
Hello Dear Friends,

We have so many wonderful memories of our stay with you.
Hope we will be able to return sometime soon.

Attached is a photo taken just before our departure.

Many thanks for your most generous hospitality, lovely accommodations and
deliciious food!
Ciao Senor/ Senora,

How are you and the family doing?

We are the couple who stayed two days in your hotel, and in Camera 12 known as the Tulip room.

We would use this opportunity to say we enjoyed our stay very much and we thank you for your hospitality and kindness. Grazie!

Kind regards to your son and family.

Take care and goodluck with the business.
Dear Luigi, Mara and Enrico,

Thank you so much for your hospitality during our recent stay in Verona.  We enjoyed ourselves so much and were very touched by your kindness and generosity. Your hotel has such a pleasant atmosphere and made
our stay very enjoyable. The musical interlude was a paricular highlight!

We hope that you are well and will have the chance to have a holiday yourselves now summer is nearly over.
Thank you again for your generosity and do let us know if you intend to visit England in the near future.

With love, ciao, bueno sera.
Egregio Signore, equipaggi, io sono i giapponesi di .......  many many Grazie.
 ritornò in salvo alla casa.. Un grappa ora è bevuto da.
Avobe Itarian language made by conputer soft

Do you under stand ?

See you next year !

il Giappone of....... Ciao!!
Dear Renzo, Luigino, Mara, Enrico Miglioranzi

Thank you so much for your Chrismas letter. We  had such a lovely time at your hotel when we were in Italy. Your family was verry good to us and we would have wanted to have taken your hotel with us on our trip aroun Italy. Thank you for us.
Sono ...l´interprete che ha soggiornato da voi la settimana scorsa.
Volevo ancora ringraziarvi per la vostra simpatia, cortesia e gentilezza.
È stato veramente un piacere conoscervi...ho conosciuto due persone fantastiche. Credetemi, mi avete fatto un regalo grandissimo nel rendermi partecipe dei vostri bellissimi interessi. Vedere Luigi e gli altri suonare e cantare é stato semplicemente
un` esperienza bella che mi ha anche fatto molto riflettere sulla forza e la grande energia di questi "giovani anziani". Siete un esempio per molti...bravi! continuate cosi.
Siete bravissimi.
So che questa settimana proporrete un menu a base di carciofi...li adoro...cercherà di farmi mandare a tutti i costi da voi dalla mia agenzia... scherzo, ma se non é un problema mi proteste informare quando fate qualcosa di particolare sia in albergo che con il vostro gruppo? mi farebbe piacere.
Vi ringrazio ancora e spero a presto
Hi to you 4

We arrived in Rome last night around 9 o clock...we have a marvelous time in both city....plus we make new friends...

The weather was not nice....big storm when we were in the train....

So many people in the train....we were lucky to have a seat.

The train came from Germany....and it was full when he arrived late in Verona...(30 minutes late)

We visit everything that you told us Enrico....enjoy every minutes of it minus the rain and the COLD>>>ha.ha.

We will send you the pictures...they were very nice and a good souvenir of the 4 of you plus your lovely city....

Both of us would like to say a big thank you to every one of you.....

Plus we enjoy SUAVE city....castles.....and your friend....and not forgetting the nice music of Luigi......and friends.

And you have our address and telephone number in California....if any time your coming our way....pleased know that you are welcome....

All our best.....
Hi Enrico

       Just a quick word of sincere thanks to yourself, family and staff
for making our stay
       with you so very enjoyable. We really do appreciate all the help you
gave us whilst at
       the hotel and for making our trips to Verona so simple.
       We are now back at work and in the 'old routine' but we will
certainly see you next year
       as I really must see my favourite opera, La Boheme.

       Please pass on our best wishes and thanks to the dining room
attendant and Stefano.

       Best Regards
Hello there

We hope that you remember us - we came to stay with you in August for our honeymoon.
We just wanted to say that we are sitting here with a bottle of Proseco and thinking of our wonderful stay in San Giovanni Lupatato.

We wish we were over there now - the British winter is setting in here! Thank you so much for the fantastic memories

(and the lovely wine) - you helped make our honeymoon unforgettable.
We hope you aren't working too hard and have a little more time to relax -
maybe even to play some music.If you are ever in need of somewhere to visit in England, please contact us.
Take care of yourselves and don't work too hard!

Love and best wishes - we hope to see you again.
Mark and Glynis

Dear Mara and Luigi,

Hope this e-mail finds you well.

Just a few words to thank you for a very enjoyable stay at your place. I had a very good trip to Switzerland and have returned home safely.I have some nice pictures of the two of you and will send them to you in a few weeks .  

Take care and thank you for everything

Enrico, just a short note to say thanks to you and your family for making our stay so enjoyable.

It is now 2 weeks since we left Hotel Ristorante alla Campagna but the kindness you showed us during

our stay, is still very much in our memories. We hope to stay with you again in the future, and send our best wishes to you.

Kind regards,

Nigel, Janet
Dear Mara and Luigi

We enjoyed our short stay at your hotel very much, and have been telling our friends all about you and your lovely hotel.

We hope we can return to Verona one day and stay with you again.

Attached are pictures I took in the hotel when you played with our American friend. I thought you would like to see them.

Thank you so much for your help and hospitality.

Mary & Peter
Excellent friendly, professional service at this family run hotel. They could not have been more helpful. After an excellent evening meal in the restaurant we were invited to join the owner, his wife and their friends as they put on a wonderful evening of live music. Highly recommended.

Marie W.(England)
Dear Enrico and Family,  Thank you so much for the warm and welcoming weekend.  We had such a wonderful time with all of you;  you made us feel like members of your family.  We enjoyed learning all the things that Renzo taught us (with great patience), and I hope I can put those skills to good use.  The party was fun and the side trips to the wine and cheese factories/ farms were also  great experiences for us.  I love my plate and it looks perfect in my kitchen.
With much affection to all of you,  (Mrs) Mary
hello Enrico, how are you, we had a nice flight home.
we are missing italy, we had a great time there and your hotel was excellent, i hope to visit again in future.  We got the pictures that we took, i sent them as an attacment so you havew to download it on to your computer.  Thank you very much for your hospitality, hope to see you in future.
Buenos días

Escribo estas líneas para agradecerles las atenciones
recibidas en su Hotel.

También quiero especialmente  felicitar a Mara y Luigi por
su fantástico CD. Ya estoy impaciente por el nuevo CD con
canciones en español.

Un fuerte abrazo

Liebes Hotel-Team,

herzlichen Dank für die angenehmen Tage in Ihrem Hotel.
Besonderer Dank für die Musik-CD. Wir haben sie schon oft gehört und sie gefällt uns ausgezeichnet.
Eine wirklich außergewöhnliche Idee. Die neue CD wird bestimmt auch so gut. Glückwunsch!!

Herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland
Ciao, Hotel Alla Campagna! Come stai! Thank you for the
E-mail, I hope to see you very soon. I love Italy, it's so beutiful. Molto Grazie.

This is a great thanks from a guest. I really had a nice time and a convenient stay in the hands of your hospitality. I hop I have the time to visits your hotel with my partner in the future (we are planning).

I have forward some pictures.
Ciao Mara and Luggi,      Just wanted you to know I have played your CD's many times and am enjoying them so very much.  We had a wonderful stay at your beautiful hotel.  I certainly hope I will be returning at some time in the near future..  We were honored to be part of the group.  Thank you again for all the special treatment.  I consider all of you Italian friends.
Enrico and Luigi,

Buona mattina.
Desidero dire che le miei tre sorelle ed io abbiamo speso un tempo bello a
Verona ultima fine settimana. Li avete resi molto benvenuti. Abbiamo
ascoltato il Luigi's ed Donnna's CD mentre noi drover intorno al lago Garda
sul pomeriggio di domenica!
Ringraziamenti e buona fortuna.
Buongiorno Luigi,
volevo dirle che abbiamo apprezzato moltissimo il nostro soggiorno presso
il vs Hotel e che il nostro viaggio di ritorno è stato piacevolissimo
grazie alla vostra gradevole, simpatica e garbata produzione musicale.
Faremo di tutto perchè ci sia una seconda, terza.......volta.
Non perdete la vostra splendida passione.
In bocca al lupo per Napoli e complimenti ancora,
Egregi Signori,

mi permetto contattarVi per esprimere i migliori ringraziamenti per la cortese ospitalità ricevuta in
occasione del  nostro soggiorno presso il Vostro Hotel nella serata di domenica.
Desidero inoltre ringraziare per i preziosi consigli ricevuti
relativamente alla cantine di Soave.

Mi riferisco in modo particolare alla felice visita da noi
effettuata presso le cantine  Monte Tondo

dove oltre alla squisita ospitalità abbiamo potuto degustare
un'ampia varietà di vini di ottima qualità

e visitare la cantina che da sole valgono un viaggio fino là.
Ancora mille grazie e speriamo in un arrivederci a presto.


Famiglia di Sondrio
Grati per la Vostra ospitalità,
entusiasmati dalla Vostra simpatia,
commossi dal Vostro affetto,
estasiati dalla Vostra cucina,
corroborati dalle Vostre bevande,
allietati dalla Vostra musica,
vogliamo inviarvi i più sentiti, sinceri, cordiali, vivissimi, affettuosi

Sandra & Renzo,

Sara & Stefano.



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