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What does it mean zero waste?
Zero waste is a procedure that everyone can do, to reduce rubbish with sustainable behaviours. Here there are the suggestions in 10 points.
The project
Zero waste Italy is an association directed by Rossano Ercolini, that received the Gold Environmental Price in 2014. The association rewarded the companies that work hard to reduce the rubbish. It was organised a tour by bicycle to deliver the invite at all the companies that used zero waste procedures. Danilo Boni delivered the invite. In the picture he was with Rossano Ercolini and he was starting his bicycle tour from Milano.

The start from Milano
The arrival in Verona
Danilo went to visit us because of our sustainable behaviours.
He delivered us the invitation to the ceremony in Capannori. In the ceremony we got the award of Zero Waste Company.
The award ceremony in Capannori
The 21 of june 2014, Enrico Miglioranzi went to Capannori to collect the award.
The results
In these pages you can discover the most important thing: the results that we obtained in saving energy and water, in the rubbish reduction and in the respect of environment.
You can find them following the word "Result" in violet.
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