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For childrens

Childrens are welcome in our hotel. In our family we had the chance to have twins so we can assist you knowing what you need and that is not simple to travel with children and to find places where you can feel relaxed, safe and where there are services.
We have a place where there are games for childrens and even for infnats.
Small beds for infants 0-1 year are available and also beds for childrens that are 4-5 years that they need to be safe  on one side of the bed.

For lunch and dinner we have seats for childrens, forks and dishes of plastic for childrens and our chef prepares light dishes of pasta or meat for childrens following your wish.

We also have the changing table and a strolle for twins (that can be fine also for one child) .
We have papers and colours for the children where they can make a draw while you can heve your dinner .

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