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 ARE: sources and consumption of electricity and heating , energy efficiency of the building and equipment.                   
       Our actions
We installed a photovoltaic system that saves us in the purchase of energy (you can see the result in CO2 saved in the tablet displayed at the reception )
Result: In 4 years from July 2013 to June 2017 were not released into the atmosphere 18 tons of CO2, as if we had 1116 trees in our garden or as if a car had not traveled for 100,000 kilometers! We saved 10.000 euro.

1) Progressive replacement of low energy light bulbs.
Result: less of 25% of energy consumption;

2) elimination of some refrigerators to arrive at an optimization of energy consumption.
Result: maximization of energy consumption;

3) change neon sign with fall bulbs and replace with LED lamps.
Result: less consumption of energy.

Since 2018 our hotel buy energy from Lupatotina Gas e Luce, the agency of the territory which provide light and gas.
The energy always come from renewable sources.
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